Rock Creek Baptist Church serves the Lord in many ministries on local, state and international levels, and of course through the Cooperative Program and Associational Missions. We believe the Lord will continue to call us to mission opportunities. We have listed a few of these ongoing mission opportunities and a short description of each one. We thank the Lord for allowing us to join Him in His work.



Each year RCBC Shoe Ministry has placed thousands of shoes on school children's feet. Thanks to a vision that the Lord placed in the heart of a man named John Price. John has seen God do amazing things by allowing himself to be used by the Lord. Through thousands of dollars of donations from the members of Rock Creek and other gracious supporters, as well as the generosity of several name-brand shoe venders, we have been able to watch God accomplish more than we could ever imagine. RCBC Shoe Minstry continues to expand as the Lord blesses. Shoes have been placed in Pleasant Grove School, South Rock Creek School, Macomb School, Shawnee Schools, Earlsboro Schools, Boley Schools, and Varnum School.



This ministry has provided help to many organizations. It began by providing cool ties for the soldiers. It wasn't long before it developed into full blown opportunity to support many mission and evangelistic endeavors. They have provided childrens' quilts to the highway patrol, lap robes to a local nursing home, baby boppers to the Health Department, quilts to the Salvation Army for the homeless, caps & booties and bags for the Pregnancy Center, stick horses and welcome sacks for the Cowboy Gathering and the IFYR. They also sewed hundreds of marble bags for the annual F.A.I.T.H. Riders Christian Marble Run. Each year the RCBC Sewing Ministry has provided a quilt to give away during our annual "Round Up Sunday." This group continues to sew up this ministry!



 We have just begun participating in this new opportunity to serve. It works in conjunction with our OK DHS in Pottawatomie County to provide needs for families that have childcare needs. When children are re-united with their parents/grandparents after spending some time in foster care, there may be some urgent needs in the home to make that happen. We receive notifications of those needs and try to meet them if possible



This is one of the least known ministries of Rock Creek Baptist. I really don't know why it stays hidden among the many ministries, but it does. Thanks to the hard work of our prescription angel "Marylyn" and another nice lady in Shawnee, prescriptions are gathered and taken to Oklahoma City and filled free with donations and samples from various drug companies through the Baptist Mission Center. Sometimes they don't have all the drugs available, but with what we do receive, we are very blessed. This ministry has helped some of our senior adults with rising medical costs.



Once a year Rock Creek Baptist Church provides a lunch for the teachers and staff of South Rock Creek School. We use this time to let them know how special they are to us. We are very blessed to have such a great group of folks serving our community. The Lord has blessed us with a very close relationship.



Celebrated in December every year, our congregation is encouraged to bring non-perishable food wrapped in white. These white packages are received during a special time in morning worship. This food is taken to a local food ministry. The food offering is always a blessing and helps our local community. On that Sunday we also receive a special emphasis offering for international missions, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. 



Rock Creek Baptist Church has some new church starts we currently help to support. Edmonton Canada Project and Rock Creek Hispanic Mission that meets each Sunday in our Multi-Purpose Building.

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