G.R.O.W. - God Rewards Our Work

G.R.O.W. is the outreach ministry of Rock Creek Baptist Church.

The G.R.O.W. is currently in the sign-up period through January.  This commitment is for a 5 month period, visiting once a month, and members are asked to make the meeting a priority over everything else. There are several areas available for service on a G.R.O.W. Team. Volunteers can be visitors who go out to meet new people and build relationships.  Other volunteers stay at church to pray, send cards or make phone calls. This is one of the most fulfilling ministries of our church. Please call the church office if you are interested in serving.

Please let us know of anyone who we could share a visit with.  We love to meet new people.

Team:Leader:G.R.O.W. Night :Time:
      6:30 PM
      6:30 PM
      6:30 PM

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