Small Group Bible Study

Small Group Bible Study

11:00 AM Every Sunday Morning

Sunday School Director: 
Sunday School Secretery: Joey King
Sunday School Assistant Sec:  


Preschool Department

Cindy Carter, Director

Class or AgeTeacher(s)Location
Babies   East Education Building
Toddlers Karen Lowder & Patricia Youngblood East Education Building
Three & Four Year Olds Jerry Jones East Education Building
Kindergartners Sarah Campbell East Education Building


Children Department

Michaela Flewallen, Director

Class or AgeTeacher(s)Location
First/Second Grade Troy Flewallen & Illene Bynum West Education Building
Third/Fourth Grade Kathy Enright & Sonia Broudrick West Education Building
Fifth/Sixth Grade Steve & Carrie Sims West Education Building


Youth Department

Josh Napier, Youth Minister


Class or AgeTeachersLocation
Girls' Class (7th - 12th)  Gayla Higgins & Wendi Murray Multi-Purpose Building (upstairs)

Boys' Class (7th - 12th)

Mike Higgins & Jason Murray

MultiPurpose Buidling (upstairs)

Adult Department

Class or Age Teacher(s) Location
College & Career / 18 - 26 Scott & Lesley Yowell Multi-Purpose Building (upstairs)
Ladies 31 - 60 Cathy Steward Multi-Purpose Building (upstairs)
Ladies 60 - 75 Shelley Zuhdi Multi-Purpose Buidling (downstairs)
Ladies 75+ Berniece Lowder Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)
Men 56+ Ron McClure Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)
Mixed 30 - 60 Jeff Meadows Multi-Purpose Building (upstairs)
Mixed 60+  

Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)

Open Class (Mixed) Omar Zuhdi Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)
Mixed Ups Class (Mixed) Chris Zuhdi Multi-Purpose Building (upstairs)
Out of Bounds (Mixed)    Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)
Spanish Class (Mixed) Gaspar Reyes Multi-Purpose Building (downstairs)

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